What to expect

...when you come in for an ayurvedic massage


If you’re a new client, you’ll have an online intake form to fill out regarding your health history and to identify any contraindications. I’ll also have you fill out a quick quiz in the studio to help me pinpoint your dosha to use the right oil for you. Abyhanga is a beautiful treatment utilizing warm, herbalized oil. You will receive an extensive scalp massage using lots of oil so it’s best to schedule this treatment on a day when you can go home, relax, and let the oils continue to absorb into the skin. I recommend that you wear casual clothing (this oil can stain) and bring an old scarf or hat to cover your head when you leave.

Every Visit

I will leave the room while you undress and get under the covers. When I return, I’ll ask you about your comfort on the table, room temperature and if the music is to your liking.


I will work mostly in silence to allow you to go into a more relaxed state. Please feel free at any time to ask for adjustments in the temperature of the room and the table.

After Treatment

After your treatment we can discuss the results of the massage, what you are feeling, plans for future visits and I will answer any questions you might have. You will also be given some instructions for home care if needed. Some people may feel a bit disoriented after a massage. Taking a few moments to enjoy a glass of water or cup of warm herbal tea is a nice transition back to reality. 

...when you come in for waxing

First visit

It's important that you fill out an online client intake form. Some medications and medical conditions are a contraindication for waxing.

If you're getting a larger area waxed (legs, back, arms) exfoliating the day before will help to prep the area for the best waxing.

every visit

Please let me know if you are taking any new medications or if you have a new medical condition. How did your skin respond after your last session?

during treaTment

I'm not going to lie, waxing doesn't feel good and some areas are more sensitive than others. I will be thorough and get the job done as quickly as possible! Some people use a numbing cream that I sell, No Scream Cream, before their appointment and lighten up on the caffeine to lessen the discomfort. Also, your skin tends to be more sensitive when you are menstruating so please plan around that.

After treatment

To get the most out of waxing, book your next appointment before you leave. It's so important to stay on a four week schedule all year long. This allows for the natural hair cycle to be in the best spot for waxing and after a few sessions your hair will be growing more sparsely. Over time, we will be able to spread out your appointments to every five weeks, six weeks and so on as less and less grows back. Waxing exfoliates the skin so you need to treat it gently. Please avoid the sun, hot tubs, exercise or anything that causes you to perspire for the first 24 hours. If you have a reaction to waxing, please contact me! I can help you get your skin back on track. If you're getting a bikini or Brazilian wax, either go home commando while wearing a skirt or loose clothing or bring clean, loose underwear to put on afterwards. Tight underwear and pants rub and irritate the skin. For men getting a back wax, please bring a clean white T-shirt to wear home.

...when you come in for a facial


Please fill out the online skin care form before you come in. I want to know all about your skin! Every treatment is highly individualized so the more information I have, the more benefit you will receive. Some medical conditions and medications are a contraindication so this information is really important. Do you have questions about a particular product you are using? Bring it in and we can go over the ingredients together.


Update me as to what's going on with your skin today. How did it respond to your last facial? Are you using the products and homecare routine that I suggested? Any changes in your life or medical condition?


I want you to be as comfortable as possible and get the most out of our time together. Do you want me to discuss your skin with you during the facial? Do you just want to zone out today? Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make your visit as enjoyable as possible. I am happy to provide information via email after our session so that you can just relax while the treatment is going on.


We'll go over every product I used during the facial and I'll make recommendations about what you can use and do at home to keep your skin looking and feeling as great as it does right now!