Acne Clinic


What to expect

Hello! My name is Laura and I am an acne specialist. I love treating acne because the results are LIFE CHANGING. My treatment program is for clients who have tried other acne treatments, medications, prescriptions, and antibiotics without success. My program is a great way to introduce teens to the proper way to care for their acne before they waste time and hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the latest "do-it-yourself cure." Although technically acne cannot be cured, only managed, my system offers over a 90% success rate. Acne can be debilitating, but the right treatments, products, home care, lifestyle choices, and consistency, will unveil beautiful and glowing skin. With this program, we work together to address your specific type of acne and put together a customized plan of action. Typically, you will come in every two weeks for a treatment and for me to re-access your skin. Text me today to get a consultation set up and start the Clear Skin journey immediately!

About the products

Using the right products is crucial to the success of the treatments. I have taken extensive courses on the subject of acne. I am certified by the Face Reality company and mainly use their ACNE ZAPPING products to help clear your skin and restore it to a brand new complexion you never knew you could achieve. Sometimes I will recommend products from other lines to assure that your skin is getting everything that I think it needs. That is the beauty of getting advise from a professional; I can constantly assess your skin and give you what you need to succeed.

Expect to pay around $150 for your first set of products. I also offer a more organic approach to acne and if that is your preference we can go in that direction as well. Pricing for organic products is more variable.


Initial Consultation

An in-depth skin analysis and sensitivity test. You need to book this appointment before booking any treatment appointments.

(*Price waived if you enroll into the program)


Ongoing Acne Treatment

Customized treatments on whatever area is problematic such as the face, chest and back.


Acne Treatment Package

Buy a package of 6 treatments and save!


Face & Back Combo


Face & Chest Combo


Face, Chest, & Back Combo