Spring Skin Care Tips

As the seasons change our skin has different needs. Usually all that’s required is a small adjustment to your routine or product choices, but those little changes can make a big difference in terms of your results. Here are my top recommendations:

  • Change up your moisturizer. Warmer weather brings humidity to the Northeast, and that heavy moisturizer that you so desperately needed in January is overkill now. Move away from the heavy lotions and balms and into a light oil or moisturizer.

  • Sun protection. SPF is needed year round but now is the time to really commit to protecting your skin. Find a type that you like and will use everyday. Invest in a great hat and don’t forget your hands. They are exposed all the time. There are some really nice hand lotions on the market that include sun protection. Have one in your car and put some on every time you get in.

  • Eye care. More sun means more squinting! Protect that very thin and sensitive skin around the eyes with a good eye cream (I like a peptide serum). Wear sunglasses to further prevent squinting.

  • Get a back facial. As the weather gets warmer more skin gets exposed, so let’s get it in the best condition possible. The back has lots of sebaceous glands and can be acne-prone. Standing in the shower with water running on your back isn’t really enough to get it clean. Also, many shampoos and conditioners contain pore-clogging ingredients and your back gets a large dose as you rinse your hair. Plus, a back facial feels AMAZING!