Hi, I’m Laura, founder of MELT body & skin!  My career in skin care started with me being the subject, not the expert! Working as a model, I quickly learned that in order to look my best I needed proper skin care.   

I became fascinated by the connection between taking better care of yourself and the extraordinary, visible results that followed.  

I quickly realized that my passion was for behind the scenes, not in front of the camera. When it came time to take the next step in my career, I found myself registering for cosmetology school.

I got married, moved away from the city and raised my family. I knew I wanted to do something to help people and always had an interest in massage and skin care. When my kids were old enough I went to massage therapy and esthetics school. That’s when I began doing the work I love. I’ve seen hundreds of women and men with varying skin care concerns, but always with one thing in common... they want to be proud of what they see in the mirror each day.  

The personal transformations that I see drive me:

The teen or young adult client that calls me to report her skin is clearer and more luminous from customized acne treatments. 

The bride-to-be that looks in the mirror and sees the glowing results of the skin care regimen she’s been following. 

The freshman in college who says that he can confidently go out even though he didn’t want to leave his room before he started coming to me.

Or the client that finds himself transported during an ayurvedic body massage from the busyness of daily life to a place of comfort, care, relaxation, and relief from pain. 

These are the transformations that have helped build and grow MELT body & skin along with my commitment to my clients.  I believe that being honest, sharing my knowledge and providing personalized service delivers the best results. I’ll always be clear about what you can expect to achieve and what it’s going to take to get there.  I understand each client is unique, so each visit will be customized to your needs.  Working together, we’ll have an ongoing conversation that helps me deliver results and become your trusted skin care advisor.    

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The Acne Clinic at MELT

As my practice has grown, I’ve worked with more and more clients suffering from acne.  With an acne client, it’s not just about relaxing and it’s not just about being proud of their skin. It’s about not being embarrassed by it.  It’s about not avoiding events.  It’s about not letting an acne breakout dictate how you feel about yourself. And mainly, it’s about regaining control.  

In 2019, I established the Acne Clinic at MELT to help my clients regain control.  The Acne Clinic is home to an all-inclusive acne treatment program that takes clients from breakout to beautiful with customized treatments.   

Many people struggle to clear up their acne because they think one-size-fits-all products will do the job. That couldn’t be further from the truth. You have to treat acne with a multifaceted approach, looking at everything from diet to environmental factors to other products you’re using and everything in between. And you have to know where to make adjustments along the way as the needs of the skin change.

My treatments are not one-and-done; they’re an ongoing conversation — through appointments, texts or e-mail, and extra tips on social media.  I’m a compassionate, holistic skin care coach that wants to see you get results.  

My mission is to spread the power of personal confidence by delivering visual results using customized skin care treatments. So, whether you’re looking for age management, acne management, massage or hair removal, I hope to see you in the studio soon!

I hope to see you soon,


My Approach to Skin Care

My approach, honed through years of study and practice, is unique to you. I don’t just work from a set menu of services; instead, I combine different practices and modalities to customize a treatment that works to get you the results you are hoping for. My vision for MELT body and skin is to continue to change lives throughout the region by showing clients that taking better care of your skin can deliver extraordinary visual results and renewed confidence today, and in the future.

Areas of Expertise

I’m a Certified Acne Specialist through the Face Reality program. Becoming an Acne Specialist isn’t just something you sign up for. Along with my business, I personally had to meet certain criteria to be considered. Then, I had to take a test to show that I was knowledgeable and qualified to offer results driven acne treatments. Once I passed and became a certified Acne Specialist only then was I able to access a cutting-edge product line that provides results my clients are now enjoying. Beyond the basic certification, I’ve taken advanced acne care classes from coast to coast, including shadowing the estheticians in Face Reality’s own acne clinic in San Leandro, California.

Advanced Education

  • To grow and fine-tune my skills, I’ve taken advanced aesthetics courses on various topics, such as: 

    • massage techniques

    • acne

    • rosacea

    • impaired skin barrier conditions

    • chemical peels

    • Gua Sha

    • Thai herbal poultice

    • buccal massage

  • I am a certified at the advanced level Dr. Vodder Head and Neck Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • At Kripalu, I studied Ayurvedic body treatments, which are nourishing to the skin as well as the muscles and the senses. 

I’m a licensed practitioner of:

  • Massage Therapy

  • Esthetics